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Our heart is to train, equip and empower leaders to:


1. Develop excellence in worship

2. Build healthy worship teams

3. Pursue deeper expressions of corporate and Spirit-led worship

The course has been designed for anyone that leads times of worship in their local church and those who lead a church worship team.


The course will benefit all leaders regardless of the size or style of your team/church. The 9-month programme has been specially designed to fit around busy schedules with training taking place on Saturdays and Monday evenings.


The course costs £350 per student. This includes a welcome bag of goodies and food and refreshments on training days.  We encourage you to speak to your church leaders about this fee which can be covered by individuals or their church (or a combination of both).  


An overview of the course:

4 Saturdays
in St Austell
2 Evening
2 Group Coaching


Training Day 1

Saturday 16th Sep 2023 // 9.30am - 4.30pm

MORNING SESSION - Theology of Worship Part 1 - Josiah Gillespie

Understand the role of a worship leader in light of New Testament teaching on the priesthood of all believers and Jesus as our Great High Priest. This teaching will inform the way we should be viewing and leading corporate worship in our churches. 

AFTERNOON SESSION - Cultivating Culture - Jon Hudson

Explore some of the keys to building effective worship teams and creating a thriving culture of worship in your church. We’ll be looking deeper at what culture is, how it is formed and why having a clear vision for your worship ministry is important, plus practical tips on how to cast vision effectively.

Webinar 1

Thursday 12th Oct 2023 // 8 - 9.30pm

All-Age / Family Worship with Nick and Becky Drake

Explore the topic of all-age worship and why it is so important. Founders of Worship for Everyone, Nick and Becky, share their passion and expertise on how to lead worship that elevates children and engages adults so that all ages can participate in times of worship together as the big family of God. 

Group Coaching 1

To take place during the month of November

Up to 5 students per group with one of the SOW Team

A chance to share challenges, ask questions and seek advice from your coach as well as hear from other students. There will be a chance to discuss aspects raised on Training Day 1 and pray together.  

Training Day 2

Saturday 20th Jan 2024 // 9.30am - 4.30pm


Understand keys to being a healthy leader using Jesus as the example. Jesus was the only truly healthy leader and by unpacking the characteristics of His ministry you will discover how to work in the strength of the Holy Spirit, avoid the common pitfalls including striving in your own strength, burnout and drying out. The way Jesus approached His ministry highlights areas to prioritise for effective, healthy leaders.

AFTERNOON SESSION - Band Dynamics Part 1 - SOW Team

practical session on how to lead effective rehearsals, build confidence in your musicians, develop on-stage communication and craft a setlist with plenty of opportunities for spontaneous worship. Explore the benefits of using a limited core list, correct song tempos and congregation-friendly keys

Webinar 2

Monday 26th Feb 2024 // 8 - 9.30pm

Virtual Musicians and Worship Software with Jamie Moore

Discover how professional quality backing tracks using just an iPad can be used to complement live musicians to create a consistently big sound week to week without compromising your ability to lead in the moment. Explore various worship software for creating physical and digital lyric/chord sheets and how to easily share these via on-stage and congregation screens. 

Training Day 3

Saturday 16th Mar 2024 // 9.30am - 4.30pm

MORNING SESSION - Theology of Worship Part 2 - Josiah Gillespie

Discover the true meaning of wholehearted worship and how we take steps to uncover where we've become comfortable or complacent and where our heart isn't fully surrendered to God in worship. Learn about the different paradigms of the western church and how these affect our role as worship leaders and ministers and the importance of person-centred worship.

AFTERNOON SESSION - Band Dynamics Part 2 - SOW Team

A practical session  to explore the role of each instrument within the band and how to create dynamics and build sections within song arrangements. Learn about the Nashville numbering system and the benefits of using this with an on-stage MD.

Group Coaching 2

To take place during the month of April

Up to 5 students per group with one of the SOW Team

A chance to share challenges, ask questions and seek advice from your coach as well as hear from other students. There will be a chance to discuss aspects raised on Training Day 2 and 3 and pray together.  

Training Day 4

Saturday 18th May 2024 // 9.30am - 4.30pm

MORNING SESSION - Songwriting with Nick Herbert

OR Basic Sound & Visuals with Noah Gilbert

Choose whichever of these practical sessions will be most beneficial to you/your setting. Nick will share his experience and expertise in writing songs for congregational worship. Noah will demonstrate the basics of how to operate a sound desk, principles of a good mix, how to create appealing visuals and other simple techniques to develop your worship environment.

AFTERNOON SESSION - Spirit-led and Prophetic Worship - 

Nick Herbert

Unpack what it means to worship in Spirit and in Truth and the importance of understanding this for as worship leaders and the wider church. Explore the characteristics of Spirit-led, Spontaneous, and Prophetic forms of worship and how to encourage our teams and congregations in these areas. There will also be a chance to put this into practice in some practical scenarios. 

Notes on Group Coaching Sessions

Each student will be allocated a coaching group of up to 5 students plus a coach from the SOW team. Group coaching sessions will take place during the months of November and February and take place at a mutually convenient time. These will either be in person or via video call, depending on what suits your group best. Groups will be assigned based on your passions and worship team role to ensure you get the coach most suited to you and your development.

PLEASE NOTE: The content of each session may vary slightly from the descriptions shown above but the overall themes covered will be similar.

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