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"The course really helped me to grow as a worship leader - it gave me the theological understanding and practical skills to lead with much greater confidence. I would highly recommend the School of Worship to anyone leading worship in their church, regardless of their level of experience."


St Martin's Church - Liskeard

"The School of Worship course gave me a much better understanding of my Lord and Saviour in the context of worship. It helped me to appreciate all that He has done for me and how I can share this knowledge when I lead others. The school gave me so many tools to help me to lead  worship more effectively in my specific context."



Grovesnor Church - Barnstaple

"The teaching and webinars were packed full of high quality teaching from theology through to song arrangements and team dynamics. The year was great for highlighting areas for development in our church. It was definitely a filling up experience that I was able to take back and share with our worship team."


Belmont Chapel - Exeter

"There were so many new things that I learnt on the course. It was so good to be able to step back and analyse everything we were doing as a worship team and why we were doing it. The course really helped me to understand new depths in worship and the practical sessions offered so many creative ideas to help us develop fresh expressions in our worship."



Grace Community Church - Morval

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